Where Can I Find the Phone's Model Number? Most model numbers are located beneath the battery. Simply remove the battery cover and battery. In the battery compartment, there will be a sticker that contains a variety of info, including something that says: "Model Number" or "Model ID", followed by the model number itself.
Can I See Some Examples of This? Sure, just click here to see a few examples:
Exceptions to the Rule As with any rule, there are exceptions. If you do not see any wording on the label that designates "Model Number".
I Can't Find the Model on the Phone Tab? CExchange accepts thousands of models of phones, but some phones may be too old and therefore not included in our database. CExchange will accept these phones as well to make sure that they are properly recycled.
Water Damage If you see a red dot in the battery compartment (click here for an example), the phone has been in water, and can only be processed for recycling.

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